Same Light, New Vision

I will always appreciate the subtlety of nature’s light. This photo shows all of my favorite things about natural light. It shows the power of reflections, the rich tones and uniqueness of colors, and the power and mystery of shadows. This picture totally captures the joy that existed in my eye and in my heart simultaneously at that precise moment. This is why I never complain about my eye injury. It is truly a blessing in disguise. It forces me to take the time to really appreciate true vision. No sympathy is required or desired. Just enjoy the way that God uses this to help me become a better photographer and a much better person.

The Incredible NEX 3

The Sony NEX 3 is slowly becoming one of my favorite cameras. I know that the NEX 5 and the NEX 7 are now available, but I was able to pick up a store demo at a great price. It is small enough to carry everywhere, but the quality is very comparable to the Sony 230/330 DSLR’s that I use. After breaking my HX-1 last year, I wanted to replace it with something that was a little bit more robust than the normal point-and-shoots. I definitely met my match with this camera. Will buy the alpha mount adapter in the future so I can use my Sony/Minolta lenses.